Factors affecting cutting quality of metal laser cutting machine

It is well known that metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for fast cutting food metal materials machinery and equipment. But in practical use, there are many factors that will affect its cutting quality, such as speed, power and nozzle. Now laser cutting machine manufacturers take you to understand how these factors affect the cutting quality of metal laser cutting machine.

The speed of metal laser cutting machine has basically the same effect on different materials, too fast, may lead to cutting failure, spark splash, and cross section shows a diagonal striped path, resulting in the cutting part of the thickening and melting stains in the lower part. If the speed is too slow, the cutting board will melt too much, the cutting part will become rough, and the cutting seam will widen accordingly, resulting in the whole area melting at smaller rounded corners or sharp corners, thus achieving the desired cutting effect can not be achieved. The cutting speed can be judged by the cutting spark. Usually the cutting spark is spread from top to bottom, and the spark is tilted, and the feed speed is too fast. If sparks do not spread and are few and condense together, the feed rate is too slow.

The influence of power on cutting is mainly reflected in the quality of cutting part. When a metal laser cutter is cutting, if the power is set too high, the entire cutting surface will melt and the cutting joints will be too large to achieve good cutting quality. The downside is that when you cut it, you get melted stains and you get scars. The workpiece cannot be cut even if the power is too small. Especially for thicker plates, it is necessary to re-empty, cut the surface and cut the whole plate. To achieve consistent cutting efficiency, you must rely on high-power cutting technology, including 10,000-watt laser cutting technology.

Usually, the impact of the nozzle on cutting is mainly reflected by the non-circular nozzle, which leads to the coaxiality of the beam and airflow is poor, resulting in inconsistent cutting cross section or even unable to cut. The size of nozzle hole has great influence on cutting quality and perforation quality. The larger the nozzle aperture, the worse the protection ability of the protective mirror. Melting sparks during cutting have a high probability of bouncing off, which can shorten the life of the lens.

In addition, cutting quality is also affected by factors such as process parameters, material quality, gas purity and beam quality. The cutting technology of powerful metal laser cutting machine promotes the rapid development of laser cutting industry. If you want to obtain high quality laser cutting products, you must fully master the cutting skills before operation, in order to reduce the impact of various factors on cutting quality. Improve the quality of cutting parts.

Post time: Mar-10-2022