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What is the difference between CNC plasma cutting machine and flame cutting machine?

CNC cutting machine includes: plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, then what is the difference between these two cutting machines, how should we choose? Here is a brief introduction to the difference between them:
Cutting a workpiece with a thickness of 0.1mm-5mm has a hot deformation, so this time you have to consider buying a CNC cutting machine with a 60 amp plasma power supply, then its cutting range: CNC plasma cutting machine can be mainly used for ordinary carbon steel and flame cutting machine can not cut non-ferrous metals (such as: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.), mainly because CNC flame cutting can not oxidize the surface of non-ferrous metals, can not complete the cutting, but the plasma is cutting The groove at the time of the thin plate is not very obvious (such as the workpiece below 5mm), so the thicker the workpiece, the larger the groove is. This is based on the matching of the plasma power supply (the domestic plasma power supply and the imported plasma power supply are different, the ordinary machine There is a difference between a plasma power source and a fine plasma power source, and the slag and burrs are different.
How do we improve the cutting precision of the CNC flame cutting machine during the operation? What are the reasons for the impact accuracy?
1. In the cutting project, the internal stress of the material will be removed with the material, and the local internal stress will be released and redistributed, which will cause the displacement and deformation of the steel plate, causing the cutting size to be out of tolerance.
2. Due to the slow flame cutting speed and long warm-up time, the steel plate absorbs too much heat and will undergo thermal deformation. According to the shape and experience of the part, measures can be taken when programming the CNC cutting machine.
3. If the flatness of the plate is not good, the size will change after cutting.
In addition to the above three points, the reasons for the accuracy are: the influence of the amount of thermal expansion of the flame cutting. When a part is cut, the whole steel plate will still heat up and expand in the future; or although there is local heating, the thermal expansion is affected by the surrounding room temperature steel plate. Constrained, the part size cut at this time is more accurate. With the increase of cutting parts, the continuous input of heat, the temperature of the steel plate is continuously increased, and the amount of thermal expansion is also increasing. If a one-sided thermal expansion compensation amount is not added to the kerf compensation k, the dimension measured by cooling the re-cut part to room temperature will deviate from the dimension measured by the first cutting part, and the deviation will thermally expand with the steel plate. The amount increases and increases until it approaches equilibrium (ie, the heat input of the cut reaches a basic balance with the heat dissipation of the steel sheet).
Chuangli CNC cutting machine is the largest R&D and production base of welding and cutting equipment in the north. With an annual sales volume of more than 1,000 sets, it fully masters the processes and methods of numerical control plasma and flame cutting. The main CNC cutting machines produced by our company include: CNC plasma cutting Machine, CNC flame cutting machine, desktop plasma cutting machine, CNC fine plasma cutting machine, portable cutting machine and pipe cutting machine, etc., welcome customers to inquire!

Which brand of laser cutting machine is good? Hebei laser cutting machine manufacturers

 Which brand of laser cutting machine is good? Which laser cutting machine manufacturer is better? Laser cutting machine ranking.... For these problems, We introduce the application and brand selection of laser cutting machine.
Fiber laser is a new type of fiber laser output high-energy density laser beam, which is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece to instantly melt and vaporize the area of ​​the workpiece illuminated by the ultra-fine focus spot, and move the spot illumination position through the numerical control mechanical system. Achieve automatic cutting. Compared with solid gas lasers and solid-state lasers, it has obvious advantages and has gradually become an important candidate in high-precision laser processing, laser radar systems, space technology, laser medicine and other fields.
The design and development of the fiber laser cutting machine frame mainly includes:
1. Determine the conditions for rapid, high-precision and stable operation of CNC laser cutting equipment under various working conditions and environments.
2. According to the functional requirements, determine the structure and parameters of the frame, and combine the structural characteristics of the laser cutting machine to establish the corresponding dynamic model.
3. Study the influence of the structure and parameters of the frame on the static and dynamic stiffness and thermal stability of the frame, and provide a theoretical basis for the frame design.
4. Determine the mutual coupling relationship between the rack and other components.
Therefore, how to reasonably arrange metal in the design of CNC laser cutting machine frame, reduce its own weight, improve the rigidity of the fuselage, and reduce the influence of temperature change on accuracy is a key issue to be considered in the design process.
Practical advantages of laser cutting machines in the electrical industry:
Laser cutting is a high-tech developed in recent decades. It has higher cutting precision, lower roughness, higher material utilization and production efficiency than traditional shearing processes, especially in fine In the field of cutting, laser cutting has the advantage that traditional cutting can't match. Laser cutting is the process of focusing energy into a small space, using high-density energy for non-contact, high-speed, high-precision cutting methods.
In the process of electrical appliance manufacturing, there are many sheet metal parts and parts, and the shape is complicated, the process is difficult, and a large number of tooling and molds are required in the process of processing to ensure the processing quality. Laser cutting technology can not only effectively solve the above problems in the electrical industry, but also improve the processing quality of workpieces, save processing links and processing costs, shorten product cycle, reduce labor and processing costs, and improve processing efficiency in large format. The role and value.
Hebei Chuangli Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of laser cutting machines. After years of development and laser technology innovation, the company has reached cooperation with Hebei Tsinghua Development Research Institute, professional laser technology talents and advanced laser technology experts. The team of professors follows the international cutting-edge laser technology and cooperates closely with world-renowned laser device manufacturers such as Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom to develop and produce a series of laser cutting equipment with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, unique beam quality and stable performance. Domestic leading position, especially fiber laser cutting technology, is the industry leader in cutting thickness and cutting speed.
Hebei Chuangli Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in CNC cutting, automatic welding, intelligent steel structure production lines, industrial robots and other equipment. Our company will always return our customers' support and love with excellent product quality and reasonable price. ! Please contact us if necessary.

Basic method and auxiliary plane method for unfolding pattern lines cut by intersecting wire cutter

The basic method of the unfolded pattern line cut by the intersecting wire cutter and the auxiliary plane method can accurately draw the cutting route. The torch can be guided to cut the route. Here, Hebei Chuangli specifically introduces this issue, and the majority of users are also concerned about it.
There are two basic methods for expanding the pattern line of Hebei Chuangli Intersecting Line Cutting Machine.
1. Calculation method, which conducts an open sample through theoretical calculations. Firstly, the necessary views are schematically drawn, and then the cross section of the circular tube is equally divided, and the aliquot points on the circumference are converted into angles and calculated in turn, and then the lofting is performed according to the calculation result, and the unfolded pattern line of the intersecting line is made. The calculation method is fast, although it is an approximate calculation, the more the division points are, the more accurate the expansion map is enough to meet the engineering needs. The cumbersome calculation process of the calculation method can be realized by programming because of its high modularity. The accurate drawing can also be done by computer, which can ensure product quality and improve work efficiency. This article discusses how to use the calculation method to open up the sample.
2. Graphic method, which uses the projection principle to map and display open samples. First, draw the relevant view of the component according to the projection principle, and draw the auxiliary line to find the real length, real shape, etc., and then make the contour line of the intersecting line. The graphical method is cumbersome to draw, and the hand work diagram has large errors, which affects the processing quality. Computer-aided drawing can improve accuracy, but it is not modular enough and is not easy to program.
Hebei Chuangli intersects the wire cutting machine to cut the auxiliary plane to find the intersecting line:
1. What are the two revolving bodies involved in the physical analysis? The two cylinders shown intersecting perpendicularly to the axis participate in the intersection.
2. Analyze the three-sided projection of the intersecting line. As shown, the horizontal projection of the intersecting lines of the two intersecting cylinders accumulates on a large circular arc line with a small circumference and a side projection sandwiched in a small circumference.
3. Find special points on the intersecting line. Looking down, you can see the first and last points 1, 2 of the intersecting line; the left and right points are 3 points and 4 points.
4. Side projections of four special points; their front projections are shown in the figure.
5. Use the auxiliary plane method to find a series of intermediate points. The intersection of the intersection line of the auxiliary plane and the two rotating bodies is a common point of the auxiliary plane and the three sides of the two rotating surfaces. The principle of selection of the auxiliary plane is that the intersection of the plane and the two rotating bodies at the same time is the simplest straight line or circle. Because straight lines or circles can be directly and accurately drawn with compasses or rulers. As shown, the positive plane can be selected as the auxiliary plane, and the intersection line that intersects the two cylinders at the same time is a straight line.
6. Shown is a positive plane between the foremost and last point, as shown by the front projection of the intersection of the two cylinders. The intersection of the four intersection lines is shown as the common plane of the auxiliary plane and the two cylinders.
7. Smoothly connect the points. Not shown in the projection of the steering contour of the full two-rotation surface.
The basic methods of the unfolded pattern lines cut by the above intersecting wire cutters and the auxiliary plane method are described in detail. These are the information provided by the company's engineers. I hope you see it can help your production.
Hebei Chuangli Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. It is a manufacturer specializing in laser cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, welding robots and other welding and cutting equipment in North China. Hebei Chuangli will always return the support and love of our customers with excellent product quality and reasonable price! Please contact us if necessary.
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